Knockoff Louis Vuitton Alexander Taiga Leather M31162


Our Louis Vuitton Alexander Taiga Leather M31162 Details:
This product of Louis Vuitton bags in the size of 15.7" x 11.8" x 4.9".The kind of this product is Bags.The color of Alexander is very nice.
- Taiga leather discretely bearing the LV initials; grained leather trimmings and textile lining
- Silvery brass pieces
- Padlockable; double zipper closure laptop compartment
- One compartment for a laptop and another for documents
- External zippered pocket
- Hand-held or carried on the shoulder
- Adjustable; removable; textile strap
- Leather loop for attaching the Alexander to the Pegase suitcase.

Every Knockoff Louis Vuitton Alexander Taiga Leather M31162 comes with serial numbers, louis vuitton authenticity card,louis vuitton dust bag,care booklet and LV tags etc.

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