High Quqlity Louis Vuitton Laguito Taiga Leather M31092


This product of Louis Vuitton bags in the size of 14.9" x 11.4" x 1.8".The kind of this product is Bags.The color of Laguito is very nice.
- Taiga leather discreetly stamped with the LV initials; flexible smooth leather handle; Sari canvas lining
- Silvery brass pieces
- Press lock closure based on the famous S-lock
- A large compartment specially designed for files; a zipped pen pocket and a flat pocket
- A flat pocket on the back
- Hand held.
This High Quqlity Louis Vuitton Laguito Taiga Leather M31092 comes with care booklet,serial numbers and dust bag.

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  • Model: louisvuittonmM31092

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