Replica Hermes Togo Leather Messenger Bag Grey 8079


Item Name: Replica Hermes Togo Leather Messenger Bag Grey 8079

- Smooth leather surface
- Silver palladium hardware and lock, key and padlock
- Leather strap
- Snap closure
- Hermes logo letter printed inside
- One adjustable strap
- Color: Grey

Size: W11.4" x H9" x D2.4" (W29 x H23 x D6 CM)
This Hermes Togo Leather Messenger Bag Grey 8079 comes with: Hermes lock,keys,clochette,sleepers,care booklet,rain protection,tags,not including Hermes Box.
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The very first Hermes bag was developed in 1922 by Emile-Maurice Birkin Price On Sale . He took up the position of making Hermes bags when his wife cannot discover a suitable one. And till date, a Hermes bag is recognized as a standing symbol alone. Hermes bags are designer hermes bags developed by craft persons who focus on one handbag during a period, hand-stitching every person piece. Hermes bags are made of rare materials, sometimes including exotic skins as well as hermes kelly 35 precious metals. A Hermes bag takes 18-24 hours to make.

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