High Quality Replica Hermes Lindy 26CM Shoulder Bag Grey


Hermes Lindy 26CM Shoulder Bag
Hermes lindy bag 26CM in swift havanne smooth leather easy bag to carry by hand or shoulder to run around in! the "it" bag for the runway! with dust bag. hermès paris made in france is stamped in the middle of the bag. letter "k" and number embossed on the strap. the bag has two zippers for closure. spacious interior with a interior pocket on each side. the newest and the hottest!
Size: 26 x 18 x 14 cm(1" = 2.54cm)
Hermes Lindy 26CM Shoulder Bag come with dustbag,authentic card.

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  • Model: Hermes-Lindy-26CM-Shoulder-Bag-7

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