Cheap Hermes Birkin 42cm Replica Togo Leather Bag Dark Coffee 62642


Cheap Hermes Birkin 42cm Replica Togo Leather Bag Dark Coffee 62642 Details:
- Hermes Paris made in France embossed on front of bag under flap.
- Palladium gold hardware lock and keys.
- Hermes Paris embossed on the hardware.
- 4 palladium feet at the bottom to protect your treasure each time you set her down.
- Color: Dark Coffee

Size: W17.4" x H9" x D7.8" (W42 x H23 x D20 CM)
This Hermes Birkin 42 CM Togo Leather Bag Dark Coffee comes with: Hermes lock,keys,clochette,sleepers,care booklet,rain protection,tags not including Hermes Box.

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