AAA Hermes Kelly 22 CM Snake Veins Handbag Black H008 On Sale


Hermes Kelly 22 CM Snake Veins Handbag Black H008 Details
:- Made of light coffee france togo veins leather
- Silver Palladium hardware
- "Hermes Paris made in France" embossed under the front flap
- Color: Black

Size: W8.7" X H5.1" X D2.8" (W22 x H13 x D7cm)
This Hermes Kelly 22 CM Snake Veins Handbag Black H008 comes with: Hermes lock,keys,clochette,sleepers,care booklet,rain protection,tags and copy of the genuine receipt from an official Hermes store,not including Hermes Box.
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If several of you want to carry Discount Hermes Handbags while using perforated H detail, here I recommand you a hand-held bag. Aside from the delicate hermes kelly 22 H detail, it features flat leather handles, flap drawstring thrills through leather closure plus a snapped hermes toolbox pocket interior. Its measures are. Available nowadays in coffee, dark coffee and blue colors.
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