AAA Hermes Kelly 22 CM France Leather Handbag Peachblow H008 On Sale


Hermes Kelly 22 CM France Leather Handbag Peachblow H008 Details
:- Made of peachblow france togo leather
- Silver Palladium hardware
- "Hermes Paris made in France" embossed under the front flap
- Color: Peachblow

Size: W8.7" X H5.1" X D2.8" (W22 x H13 x D7cm)
This Hermes Kelly 22 CM France Leather Handbag Peachblow H008 comes with: Hermes lock,keys,clochette,sleepers,care booklet,rain protection,tags and copy of the genuine receipt from an official Hermes store,not including Hermes Box.
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The last weekend I sought out for any bicycle excursion by incorporating friends, when I preparing for it I ran across hermes birkin which i would not have the right bag to support those necessary items like keys, tissues and purse. It is true that we have a large amount of hermes kelly handbag for a number of occasions, except one for riding bicycle. I reckon that the one shoulder one such as this Hermes Evelyne pm single hermes paris bombay bag can be an excellent choice. It's the type of simple yet functional Hermes purse.
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