7A Hermes Constance Togo Leather Single Bag Peach Gold Hardware H020


Replica Hermes Constance Togo Leather Single Bag Peach Gold Hardware H020 Details
:- Datchable shoulder strap.
- Made of togo leather .
- "Hermes Paris made in France" embossed under the front flap.
- Single leather shoulder handle.
- Fully lined in leather with open pockets.
- Color: Peach

Size: W11" x H7" x D2.8" (W28 x H18 x D7cm)
This Hermes Constance Togo Leather Single Bag Peach Gold Hardware H020 comes with:Hermes dust bag,Hermes card,Hermes care booklet,Hermes tags,not including hermes box.

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