Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Jeanne Envelop Wallet M62202 Orange 2016


Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Jeanne Envelop Wallet 2016

Size:19.0 x 11.0cm

- Monogram coated canvas exterior
- Cowhide leather lining
- Cowhide leather trim
- Shiny golden color metallic pieces
- 6 credit card slots
- Large gusseted compartment
- 2 removable compartments: a zipped compartment with a large flat pocket & cardholder with 3 credit card
- Small flat pocket
- Exterior back pocket
- Press-stud closing

Smart and practical, the Jeanne Wallet in Monogram canvas offers endless possibilities. This envelop
wallet in Monogram canvas is both ultra feminine and highly adaptable thanks to its three-in-one
construction with removable card holder and coin pocket.

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