Louis Vuitton Hot Springs Mini Backpack Bag M53545 Vieux Rose 2018_2803115511


Size:20.5 x 21.0 x 12.5 cm

- Patent cowhide leather
- Cotton canvas lining
- Monogram canvas trim
- Gold or silver colored metallic pieces
- 1 top Toron handle
- 2 removable and multi-positionable adjustable straps
- Tuck lock closure and drawstrings
- 1 exterior flat back pocket
- 1 interior back flat pocket

Celebrate the return of LV Vernis leather with this Hot Springs Mini-Backpack in patent leather and Monogram canvas. As cute as it is versatile, this is the fashionable everyday bag you’ve been waiting for all year.

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  • Model: Louis-Vuitton-Hot-Springs-Mini-Backpack-Bag-M53545-Vieux-Rose-2018

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