Fake Chanel Mademoiselle Turnlock Clutch Bags 2253 Pink On Sale


Chanel Mademoiselle Turnlock Clutch Bags 2253 Pink

Lambskin Leather

Golden Hardware

Flap closure with Mademoiselle lock

Golden chain shoulder strap

Interior fabric lining

Inside zip pocket

Size: W18 x H15 x D3cm (1" = 2.54cm)

Chanel Mademoiselle Turnlock Clutch Bags 2253 Pink Come with serial numbers, Chanel authenticity card, Chanel dust bag and Chanel care booklet.

Welcome to retail & wholesale our 7A high quality fake chanel clutch bags,our replica bags are 1:1 copy to the originals,what you will receive is just the same with the pictures here you see.

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  • Model: 2253-Chanel-7716

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